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Взгляд из-за угла

И только жираф может перегрызть горло сам себе
Я деятельность людей делю на четыре категории:

1. Разрушение
2. Обычная бестолковая
3. Защита от разрушителей
4. Творение добра и причинение пользы

Хочу перейти в четвертую категорию. Но пока не знаю, как:)

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Фанфики и т.п.

И только жираф может перегрызть горло сам себе
...slash had been the first literature I ever saw that integrated people's (characters') sex lives with their lives outside of bed. And that was true, and it was incredibly important to me in my first few years in fandom. In most literature, most genres of fiction, people maybe had sex, but the narrative never showed exactly how they carried themselves, how they interacted with their partners, how they conceived of what they were doing as they were doing it. They had sex, with a brief summary or a discreet fade-out, "that night they were not divided," and then it was the next morning and they were back in their regular lives.

That was one genre of writing. On the other side there was porn, in which the characters had no regular lives; they pretty much just had sex.

And then there was slash. Slash was the only genre of literature I had ever found that followed the characters into bed and back out of it; that investigated and demonstrated how the people they were outside of bed were connected to the people they were in bed; that modeled how to be with someone in everyday life, go to bed with them, and then wake up next to them and continue everyday life with them. In slash, "everyday life" wasn't differentiated from "sex life." Who people were outside of bed and during the day critically, obviously, demonstrably influenced how they behaved in bed with each other, and vice versa; but the characters never lost themselves or turned into different (wimpy wispy sappy) people because they had fucked. (Okay, sometimes they did, but those were the bad stories, the ones we mocked.) The two parts of life weren't disjunct; indeed, they were crucially connected, mutually influential, even indivisible. In fact, that indivisibility was often the whole point.


Я так, страшно сказать, вообще учусь на фанфиках - потому что только в них я нашла разговорную английскую речь на бытовые темы, плюс информацию по поведению в быту для культуры, в которую я пытаюсь влиться.

Море, море полезной информации! И примерно по тому социальному слою, где я оказываюсь.

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И только жираф может перегрызть горло сам себе
Читала на Тупичке восхваления армии - мол, всю жизнь помнят, по 5 часов рассказывают.

А по-моему, это симптом ПТСР - посттравматического стрессового расстройства.

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Взгляд из-за угла